Fine Collection Policy

The Old Forge Library does not charge overdue fees for our materials that are returned late.
The purpose of our library is to supply our community with resources they can borrow for their education and entertainment. We believe that having overdue fees goes directly against this goal and instead discourages the use of library materials.

Please enjoy our resources and then return them by their due date.

If an item is 35 days overdue, then the library will charge the users for the cost of the item.

Patrons can still receive overdue fees from other libraries. Fines on interlibrary loans are determined by the lending library. There is no grace period.

Patrons accumulating fines exceeding $20.00 will lose their borrowing privileges until the fines are paid down under $20.00 or paid off completely.

The Old Forge Library will still charge for lost or damaged materials. The cost for replacing lost or damaged items varies and will be determined by the Library Director. If an item is lost or damaged, please notify the library as soon as possible.